Public Engagement
Have you ever wondered how it feels to stand inside a pumping heart?
The Cardiovascular Digital Twin
Read how a computational avatar of our heart will inform optimal diagnosis and therapy choices
Selecting the best therapies
How disease affects cardiac morphology, and how to use this signature to best inform therapy decisions
Identifying faulty valves in the heart
Non-invasive pressure drops
Unveiling the components of dynamic blood pressure
Computational anatomy
Prediction of atrial fibrillation recurrence
How stiff is your heart?
Key to treat cardiac disease, check our latest tech to reveal it

The Cardiac Modelling and Imaging Biomarkers (CMIB) group develops technologies to build the vision of the digital twin in cardiovascular medicine, where cardiologists will use their computer-enhanced ability to reason with clinical data and provide a preventive and personalised healthcare. We sit in St Thomas’ Hospital, in the heart of London.