Public Engagement

We are passionate about our research, and we want to transmit this passion. We truly believe that the future of cardiovascular healthcare will be informed by our digital twin, a computerised and personalised representation of our heart that guides diagnosis and therapy planning.

And the works of our cardiovascular system are so beautiful! We want to illustrate them, and to make people think on the importance of taking healthy lifestyle choices.

We thus embark into exciting public engagement activities such as Big Heart Data or Kalostasis, having exhibited them in the Science Gallery London or the Victoria and Albert Museum among other venues – and we are very excited that we have been invited to the Venice Biennalle 2021! Our latest adventure is Echoes, a collective database of heart sounds to help cardiology research.

We also use these encounters with society to ask the many questions that the vision of a digital twin raises as citizens and patients: How is this technology actually going to help me? How do I want to be informed by these advanced models? How to balance the right to not know about the future of my cardiovascular health? What are the ethical and legal ramifications of holding and managing the digital twins of patients? How can we build the trust in this technology and the organizations managing it?

Do not ever hesitate to contact us if you want to engage in this quest!

Our partner in crime in these exciting adventures is Salome Bazin, from Cellule Studio, and they are possible thanks to the collaboration with the Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation and the British Heart Foundation, and thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (g.a. 764738).”.

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