Kalostatis is an interactive installation enacting the unseen flow of the heart. The installation is simulating in 360° the beauty and complexity of the constant flow and motion that keeps us alive, its various extremes and our body’s ability to attain a state of balance, an equilibrium key to our health. Kalostasis visited the Victoria and Albert museum last September 2019, and is going to the Venice Biennale this May-October 2021!

Project funded by King’s College London and the Wellcome Trust, and shaped after workshops with members from British Heart Foundation and Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation.

The permanent motion of blood keeps us alive. Each day, our heart beats around 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 litres of blood. The aorta, the largest artery in the body, is responsible for transporting blood to each and every cell. Our team uses advanced imaging and computational techniques to visualise blood flow in 3D and accurately analyse it’s behaviour – our goal in CMIB is to characterise the faulty cardiac vales in people with conditions such as aortic stenosis.

With Kalostastis, we wanted to showcase in a large scale experience the connection between the micro and macro: audiences can literally step inside a human heart. It shows us the powerful and constant rhythm of the heart flow, using real-time rendered graphics, projection mapping and sensor tracking; and this based on the latest advancement in medical imagery.

Co-Creative Directors – Lucy Hardcastle & Salomé Bazin
Co-Producers – Lucy Hardcastle & Salomé Bazin
Scientific curator- Dr. Pablo Lamata
Scientific consultant- João Filipe Fernandes
Programmer – Will Young
Sound Designer – Thomas Rawle
Animation Designer – Thomas Rawle
Creative Consultant – Laura Vent
Photographer – Gareth Williams (project)
ECHO Charity photographs: Joel Virgov