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Date Headlines
3 to 9 July 2017 How does it feel to hold your heart? Experience it now at the Royal Society and know our research! Dr. Nordsletten explains it in this video, and you can find more information here.
29/06/2017 Dr. Lamata has been invited to the joint Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Royal Society, Wellcome Trust symposium in Beijing. He has been selected to represent the UK as an outstanding scientists who has strong research capabilities and great potential to become key leaders in their respective fields.
13/06/2017 Dr. Anastasia Nasopoulou presents at FIMH 2017 our latest advances for the estimation of myocardial stiffness, using a smart cost function, and even challenging the limited observation of a 2D view!
05/06/2017 Invited talk at the BHF and EPSRC Joint Symposium “The Heart: models, measurements, medicine” in London, where we presented an overview of our computational analysis and flow solutions.
30/05/2017 Invited talk at the Visualization and uncertainty in cardiac modelling in Berlin, where we discussed the challenges of reproducibility in image and model based biomarkers.
25/05/2017 Invited talk at the VPH Summer School 2017 in Barcelona, where we shared our vision on how to improve cardiac care by the adoption of computational models.
02/05/2017 The European Comission has invited us to write a Grant Agreement of a project coordinated from CMIB! It is titled Personalised In-Silico Cardiology. Stay tuned, specially if you want to make a PhD in the field of Computational Cardiology.
28/03/2017 Invited talk to the Fellows’ Meeting of the Wellcome Trust, where our ideas to non-invasively sense blood pressure and its differences were very well received.
28/03/2017 CMIB joins the joint workshop in Novel Opportunities for Data Science in Cardiovascular Research, jointly organised by the British Heart Foundation and the Alan Turing Institute.
16/03/2017 CMIB delivers an invited talk at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra.
17/01/2017 Our research is at the spotlight! We are developing the technology to better identify faulty valves in the heart.
12/01/2017 Dr. Lamata is selected as a rising star in a meeting hosted at King’s College of London with Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Wellcome Trust.
11/01/2017 CMIB joins the “Emerging Technologies and Futures” at the Royal Society, in order to discuss research and societal trends, and to share and build a vision for the next five years.
20/11/2016 As part of our activities within the NIHR Cardiovascular HTC we were invited to present our research work at the World Extreme Medicine held in Edinburgh, identifying potential uses of our technologies in extreme situations.
19/10/2016 Dr. Lamata has become a mentor of the Destination STEMM programme. Today the launch event was held at the Royal Society, it was quite inspiring to meet to these young people full of energy and enthusiasm!
14/10/2016 Dr. Donati’s work selected among the 3 best contributions, and presented at the British Heart Valve Society annual meeting. His work on the estimaton of pressure drops, and how to improve current clinical practice, was well received by the clinical community.
05/09/2016 CMIB is invited to the symposium “Pregnancy complications and offspring cardiovascular health”, organised by Paul Leeson and the CCRF at the Wolfson College in Oxford. It was an excellent learning and networking opportunity!
31/07/2016 Our research is featured in BBC Radio 5! We explain our vision of how to improve the life expectancy and quality of babies born with congenital defects as part of the ‘5 Life’ programme.
20/06/2016 Dr Pablo Lamata is the new technical lead for Paediatric Technologies of the NIHR Cardiovascular Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC), as announced here.
14/06/2016 Our research is featured on the news: Breastfeeding helps premature babies’ hearts to grow. Full article here.
14/06/2016 CMIB joins “Reach out for Healthcare Science”: we had a good fun with ten 16 year old students, playing with them to be scientists and showcasing our technologies and recent advances to them. “That’s so cool!” was the most repeated feedback.
03/06/2016 Action Medical Research interviews Dr. Pablo Lamata, full interview here.
04/05/2016 Our research featured at the Buckingham Palace! “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT, Patron of Action Medical Research, requests the pleasure of the company of Dr. Pablo Lamata at the Action Medical Research reception on Wednesday 4 May 2016 at Buckingham Palace, London.” Read our blog entry about our impressions of that day.
15/04/2016 Anastasia Nasopoulou has successfully defended her PhD! Congratulations!
22/03/2016 Fabrizio Donati has successfully defended his PhD work! Congratulations!
08/12/2015 Travel award: Amanda Nio has been awarded a IET Travel Award to visit our collaborator Dr. Flemming Forsberg in Philadelphia.
01/12/2015 We are on the news! 3D computer models to help save babies with heart defects
24/11/2015 PhD project (candidates wanted): Improving stratification of valve stenosis through novel echocardiographic and computational methods
05/11/2015 Press release: Personalising surgery for babies born with a serious heart disease
01/06/2015 Invited talk at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, within its Imaging Science & Technology group.
01/03/2015 Radio interview to Pablo Lamata (Spanish)
19/02/2015 Invited talk at QBIO 2015 (BCAM Workshop on Quantitative Biomedicine for Health and Disease), Bilbao – Spain
02/2015 Our article on the improvement of mechanical stability of cardiac simulations was featured in IEEE Trans Biom Eng
10/2014 Invited talk in Simula, Norway
10/2014 Invited talk at TransCardio, Barcelona