Resources: data, models and software

At CMIB we aim to maximize the impact of our research efforts, and we thus thrive to share data, models and software with collaborators and the wide research community. Here you have the links to the main resources, also check Prof.Lamata FigShare profile, and do not hesitate to contact us for anything you’ve seen in our papers that will benefit you!

List of resources described below here:

Pressure mapping toolkit

Matlab-based toolkit to extract the spatio-temporal maps of pressure differences from 4D-flow MRI acquisitions, and metrics such as:

To access the code and learn much more about it, go to this GitHub repository

Cardiac anatomy from CT, control cases

From our work Linking statistical shape models and simulated function in the healthy adult human heart you have:

  • Virtual cohort of adult healthy four-chamber heart meshes from CT images – link to meshes
  • Virtual cohort of extreme and average four-chamber heart meshes from statistical shape model – link to meshes
  • Virtual cohort of 1000 synthetic heart meshes from adult human healthy population – link to meshes

    Cardiac anatomy from 3D MRI, heart failure cases

    From this work in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging titled “An asymmetric wall-thickening pattern predicts response to cardiac resynchronization therapy” (link to paper) you have:

    • Computational meshes of the cardiac left ventricle of 50 heart failure subjects – link to meshes